Baking Tips

I thought I would add this page to the website so that you could peruse the baking tips without having to go through all the postings.  I will be adding items as I discover them, so check back once in a while.

But…….before I start let me tell you that I always use EXTRA LARGE EGGS in my recipes.

1)  The towel trick!

Cut old towels in about 5-6 inch strips.  Cut them long enough to go around your favorite pans, plus 2 inches for an overlap.

After wringing the towel strip out in water, fold in 3rds and place around sides of pan, pin the over lap with a large safety pin.

cake pan wraps 1

cake pan wrap 2

Check to make sure that the toweling doesn’t extend beyond the bottom of the pan.

cake pan wrap 3

2)  Oven temp-

So far, the oven temperature that has worked best for me is 345 degrees.  I used an oven thermometer to test my oven and it was right on.   Always test your Splenda baked products about 10 minutes sooner than you would normally.  Sugar substitutes seem to bake faster.

3) Oat flour-

As stated in my post on the subject, I found that Arrowhead Oat flour has the lowest carb count ( 54 per cup).  The best place I have found to get it is at (if you buy $25 worth you will get free shipping.  Always sift the flour before measuring.  Do not pack in measuring cup.

4) Flavoring syrups-  I use these syrups to flavor my cakes, replacing the water or milk, etc.

Da Vince sugar free syrups

5) Other flavorings- Spices such as Nutmeg, Cinnamon, vanilla, etc.  I also use Crystal Light “On the Go” sugar free drink packets.  You can also experiment with Coolaid mixes that don’t have the sugar added.

6) Splenda-  measure the proper amount, then place in processor and pulse to fine powder.    This helps distributed the sugar more evenly with your other ingredients.  Also helps with cracking issues in baking.

That’s all I can think of right now-will add more later if the light comes on! 🙂



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