A Simple and Yummy Dessert Solution

2006-01-24 02.43.42

This little bowl full of cherries  makes any sugar free ice cream or cake base into a true delight.


3 cups of  frozen cherries( from Costco)

1 cup of your favorite sweetener

1 pkg of unsweetened Cherry Cool Aid mix

3/4 tsp – 1 level tsp of Guar Gum


Place cherries in glass dish to thaw,

When thawed,pour off liquid into small mixing bowl.

Into liquid stir in sugar, Cool Aid mix and Guar Gum.  Mix well.  Add cherries and place in refrigerator.

*Note – I use 1 tsp of the Guar gum, but if you want your juice a bit more thin then first try the 3/4 tsp, you can always add a bit more later.

You can also use any other of the frozen fruits for this recipe- strawberries, blue berries, etc. even peaches,  Just make sure you add the appropriate Cool Aid flavor.

Happy Eating!!!