Oat Flour vs Wheat

I have been perusing the web for all the information I can get on how to work with oat flour as my main ingredient.  One of the best sites I have come across so far is “Living Strong.”

What is so neat about it is that it gives you some general guidelines for leavening the flour with baking powder, and yeast.  With this information it makes it much easier to alter your current favorite recipes.  Here is another link from King Arthur that gives you info on using baking powder and soda.

Now, you couple that with the info on the Splenda site about baking, and you at least have a little bit of an understanding of how to go about creating your own great recipes.

Just thought I’d share-


PS :  Check it out the links.  I did, and now I am revisiting some of my own creations to see if I am in the ball park.

Don’t forget to checkout the e-book recipes for the latest updates.


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