Baking Tips for Sugar Free Cakes

This will be a short post, but I needed to pass these tips along while their are still lodged in my aging brain.

1)  I find that if you measure your Splenda, then place it in a processor to grind it finer, it dissolves in your recipes better, and will lessen the chances of your cakes cracking on the surface.

2)  No matter what tweaks that have been tried, using sugar substitutes affects the rise of the end product.  I have tried the various suggestions from the company, but I still notices that my cakes don’t rise the same as when I use real sugar.  Oh well!

The question is then, does it taste great?  Yes!!!!

So….. what we are really talking about here is a visual thing.  When I give someone a piece of cake, I often am told, “Why, it’s simply delicious, but, it isn’t very high.”

Of course, right away my ego is deflated, and in my mind I am assuring myself that I’ll never share my cake with that person again! So there!!!   Then I began to ponder the “real” problem.

The answer-Just make the 9 inch recipe, and bake it in a 8 inch pan.  The only difference is that you will bake it longer-30-35 minutes.

Now, just let them give me that look, when my layers are 1 1/2 inches high.   What they don’t know, won’t hurt’m.  Problem solved.


Here is the cinnamon chocolate cake  using the 9 inch pan recipe, baked in  8 inch pans.   These layers are 1 1/2 inches plus.  I adjusted the sugar on this cake to 2 cups, and also increased the cinnamon to 2 tsp.  Those option are included in the e-book.  I had to bake this about 35 minutes.  It turned out great.  This has become my mother’s favorite cake.   She can’t believe that it is sugar free.

3)  Because I try to use Arrowhead Oat flour in all my cake recipes, it will always have a slightly beige color unless I am working with a recipe that adds cocoa.  So,  to fool the masses, I just add a bit of yellow food coloring to the batter  and tell them it is a yellow cake.

I will share my lemon cake recipe soon, and update the cookbook using this method.




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