Ah, for a Warm Belly on a Cold Night!

The temperatures are dropping, and I need something to warm my heart and my belly.  Hummmmm?????? What shall it be?

low carb mac and cheese plus

My husband favorite for a night like this is Low Carb Mac and Cheese Plus.

I mixed together 3 cups of cooked Dreamfields Low Carb pasta at 5 digestible carbs per 1/2 half cup dry serving(15 carbs for the three cups), one can of diced Spam( 6 carbs per can), 1/4 cup chopped onion(carbs depend on the onions used), 2 cups of sharp cheddar at 8 carbs per 2 cups, and stirred in about 1/2 cup Mayonaise ( Bestfoods= 0 carbs).

In a large skillet, I browned the Spam and onions, stirred in the cooked and drained pasta, browning it a few minutes, stirred in the cheese and Mayo, and for an added touch put in a rounded tablespoon of hot mustard. a little salt and pepper, and lookout tummy, here she comes……..

Serve it with a nice spinach salad, and a few olives-yum,

The whole pan full equals about 32 carbs with the onions.  It serve four generously at about 8 carbs per serving.  The best part is that you can make it in minutes, especially if you have your pasta already cooked.

* I cook my pasta ahead and store it in the freezer in Ziplock bags.  When I need it, I place the Ziplock bag in a sink of hot water.  It defrosts in a very short time.

Just had to share!



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