One Muffin to Another

I came home from church today with Bran muffins on my mind, so starting from the recipe I developed for my “Almost Cornmeal Muffins,” I began to tweak a few of the basic ingredients and came up with this.

Oat and Bran Muffins

The recipe yields 10 small muffins, which have 6.6 carb a piece.  They are great with SF jam, or peanut butter. I also believe they would be wonderful with a ham dinner, or perhaps your Thanksgiving feast.

You could make 6 larger ones, but will have to count them at about 10 carbs each.  However, they are still much less than the originals.

You might notice that I have Guar gum in the recipe.  I use it as a binder for the dry ingredients.  I personally use Bob’s Red Mills brand of this product.

Upload recipe here. J’s Oat and Bran Muffins

J’s Low Carb e-book

I’m on a roll!!



PS- By the way, that jam that you see is Mock Strawberry made from my green tomatoes.  Yum!

** If you are a knitter, don’t forget to check out “Creative Knitting” via the link in the left hand column of this site.


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