Variations in Carb Counts

There are “oats” and then there are “oats.”

One of the most perplexing things in counting carbs is the labeling on the various products.  If we are to believe the labels, then there must be a different processing method used for each company.

Example-  Grain Millers Old Fashion Rolled Oats for 1/2 cup lines up the fibers indented equally as illustrated below.

Total carbohydrates = 27

dietary fiber = 4

soluble fiber = 2

insoluble fiber = 2

So the question is, is my deductible  fiber 8 grams or 4?   If the description of the different kinds carbs were indented a bit more, it would go a long way in clarifying  their intention.    One way would yield 19 net carbs  for 1/2 cup, the other would equal 23 net carbs for 1/2 cup.  That equals an 8 carb difference per cup.  Either way, of course, it is less than Quaker Oats, which usually is 21 carbs for 1/3 cup, which would give you 66 carbs per cup.   Hummmmm….?????

Just some things to consider. I will be using the highest number (23) in my recipes.

Another tip-look for the percentage number next to the fiber.  That should stand out in “bold.”  It is just a silly marketing label, but the little things are important, especially to us carb watchers.

Oat flour is my flour of choice when I think of cutting the carbs.  I am at present working on a recipe for baked cake doughnuts.  I will pass it on when I have it perfected to my liking.  🙂 My husband says, “So far, so goooooood.”



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