Low Carb Challenges

The reason I started this blog was to share with you my experiments in creating healthy low carb recipes.  I got started with this project when my husband decided to take off some unwanted pounds.   Because of his a previous successful experience with the Atkins diet, he chose that approach to the problem, and…. since it works for my too, I was delighted to assist him in his quest.

Eating low carb for me was easy, as I am one who likes the veggies, and a little lean meat goes a long way.  I also don’t have to have breads and heavy starches all the time- but for him( and a good many of us), leaving the goodies alone is a issue.  The crux of that challenge, of course, is to make the recipes closely mirror the original high carb item.   For me, that means it not only has to taste good, but the texture and appearance must be similar as well.   Working that all out meant that I had to be content with a failure or two, but in that regard, I am blessed with having a husband who is more than happy to “try” my experiments.

So, to that end I have created some recipes that seem to have satisfied that need, and I thought I would start this blog to share the results of my “successes.”

All the recipes that I will be posting to this site will be PDF files, which you can easily upload to your computer.  I will also endeavor to include many options for you to try, as we all have different palettes, and favorite flavors.

Below is one of the favorites in our house-

J's flax and Nut Crackers

These crackers have a great flavor and are delicious served with cheese spreads.

J’s Flax and Nut Crackers

I am working on an e-book which will eventually include all my experiments in low carb cooking, but for the present I offer you the one below- a work in progress.

J’s Low Carb e-book


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